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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the speed limited to 45 mph?
Because ROXOR is not street legal Mahindra felt that 45 mph was a suitable speed limit given how most consumers are likely to be using the vehicle.
What is ROXOR’s fuel economy?
We have averaged 32 to 34 mpg in testing and a range of over 350 Miles. Your mileage will vary depending upon speed and road conditions.
Why is GVWR  (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) so low?
The EPA off-road recreational vehicle regulations under which the ROXOR is authorized to be manufactured and sold impose restrictions and limits on topics such as weights and capacities.
Why isn’t there a PTO or dump box available?
The base unit and Limited Edition launch models are more focused to recreational use. More work-oriented accessories will be available in the future.
Why does ROXOR have a straight front axle and not Independent Front Suspension (IFS)?
ROXOR’s more durable (and affordable design) utilizes simpler and more proven, reliable, mechanical components with fewer moving parts. There is less to go wrong on a ROXOR…and if something does, it’s easier to repair on the trail.
Why is ROXOR’s towing capacity greater than other UTVs?
ROXOR’s beefier boxed steel frame, automotive-sized transmission, bigger wheels and brakes plus a torquey 4-cylinder, turbo-diesel engine enables it to pull more than smaller 2-cylinder powered UTVs

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Sales Manager Outboards & Boats

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